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Specialty Rolls

(8/9 pieces per order)

Crunch Munch Roll

inside-sp. crab, top-shrimps,sp. mayo,eel sauce, crunch

$ 10.95

New York Roll

inside-2 t. shrimps,crunch, top-sp. crab,eel sauce


Louisville Roll

inside-sp. crab,avocado, top-seared salmon,eel sauce.

$ 11.95

Valentine Roll

inside-2 shrimps,sp. crab,avo, top-salmon,tuna,eel sauce,tobico

$ 12.95

BM Roll

inside-sp. crab,avo, top-tuna,sp. mayo


Crystal Roll

inside-2 t. shrimps,sp. crab, top-white tuna,eel sauce,hot sauce.


Kentucky Roll

inside-2 tempura shrimps,eel,sp. crab,avo, top-seared salmon,eel sauce


JJ Roll

inside-2 t. shrimps,sp. tuna, top-sp. crab,eel sauce, crunch


Green City Roll

inside-sp.tuna,avo, top-salmon,wasabi sauce,green tobico


Spicy Munch Roll

inside-sp. tuna,sp. crab,jelepeno, outside-crunch,eel sauce,sp. mayo,hot sauce.


Lexington Roll

inside-2 t. shrimps,sp. crab,eel, top-avo,shrimps,crunch,eel sauce,sp. mayo


Eel Roll

inside-sp. tuna,crunch, top-eel,avo,eel sauce,sp. mayo


Hot Girl Roll

inside-sp. tuna,crunch, top-tuna,avo


Churchil Roll(no rice,w/soy paper)

inside-sp. crab,crunch,asp,avo,fried snapper,c. cheese w/eel sauce,sp. mayo


Mad Mango Roll

inside-3 t. shrimps,avo,asp,c. cheese,top-mango w/eel sauce,walnuts.


Big Mouth Roll

inside-cooked tuna,sp. crab,avo, top-roe,eel sauce.


Las Vegas Roll

inside-sp. crab,top-sp. tuna,mango,eel sauce.


Sunrise Roll

inside-sp. crab,cuc, top-yellow tail,avo,roe,green onion,sp. mayo.


Rainbow Roll

inside-cuc,avo,crab, top-salmon,tuna,snapper,roe.


Ika Roll

inside-cuc,avo,crab, top-ika,lime.


Dragon Roll

inside-eel,cuc, top-avo,tobico,eel sauce


VIP Roll

inside-sp. tuna,avo, top-tuna,wasabi tobico.


Salmon Nigiri Roll

inside-salmon, top-salmon,lime on side.


Tuna Nigiri Roll

inside-tuna,top-tuna,lime on the side.


Tiara Roll

inside-snapper,yellow tail, top-sp. tuna,salmon,jelepeno.


Thunder Roll

inside-2 t. shrimps,avo, top-tuna,crunch,eel sauce,tobico,mayo.


Westport Roll

inside-sp. tuns, top-sp. crab,sp. salmon,sweet chilli sauce.


Fire Roll

inside-sp. tuna,jelepeno, top-seared yellow tail,snapper,eel sauce,wasabi sauce,sweet chilli sauce.


Ruby Roll

inside-4 t. shrimps,crunch, top-sp. tuna,eel sauce,wasabi sauce,sweet chilli sauce.


Holiday Roll

inside-sp. tuna,crunch, top-sp. crab,tobico,eel sauce.


Sunset Roll

inside-cuc,avo,crab, top-salmon, lime.


Golden Roll

inside-yellow tail,green onion, top-salmon,tuna,masago.


Lyndon Roll

inside-eel,sal,c. cheese,crab, top-avo,strawberry,eel sauce,walnuts.


Fruit Roll

inside-fried banana,avo, top-mango,straberry,eel sauce,walnuts.


Kiwi Roll

inside-fried crabs,asp,c. cheese, top-kiwi,eel sauce,walnuts.


Hawaiian Roll

inside-2 t shrimps,c. cheese,asp, top-avo,mango,eel sauce,walnuts.



inside-fried fish,avo,c. cheese, top-sp. crab,mango,eel sauce,sp.mayo.


Regular Sushi Rolls

California Roll



Spicy Tuna Roll

inside-Sp. tuna,cuc


Spicy Salmon Roll

inside-sp. salmon,cuc


Yumyum Roll

inside-sp. crab, cuc, top-sp. mayo, crab.


Tuna Roll



Salmon Roll

inside- salmon,avo


Alaska Roll

inside-salmon, cream cheese


Smoked Salmon Roll

inside-smoked sal,cream cheese,cuc,avo


Crazy Roll(5/6 pcs)

inside-sal,tuna,y. tail,snapper,avo,cuc, top-sp. mayo


Yellow Tail Roll

inside-yellow tail, green onion


Spicy Yellow Tail Roll

inside-sp. yellow tail, cuc


Vegetable Rolls

Avocado Roll


Cucumber Roll


Asparagus Roll


Tofu Roll

inside-fried tufu, avo, top-eel sauce.


Vegetable Roll

inside-cuc, asparagus, top-avo


Tropical Roll (w/soy paper)

inside-cuc,avo,asp,kiwi, top-mango.


Cooked Rolls(5/8pcs)

Fried Shrimp Roll

inside-2 t. shrimps,crab,avo,cuc,roe, w/eel sauce


Spider Roll

inside-fried soft shell crab, avo, cuc, roe, crab, top-eel sauce.


Oyster Roll

inside-fried oysters, cream cheese, top-eel sauce.


Calamari Roll

inside-fried calamari,avo, top-eel sauce,sp. mayo.


Jack's Roll

inside-fried snapper, cream cheese, top-eel sauce.


Salmon Skin Roll

inside-cooked salmon skin, cuc, top-eel sauce.


Crunchy Roll

inside-2 t. shrimps, cuc, top-roe,crunch,eel sauce.


Cooked Chicken Roll

inside-fried chicken,cream cheese, top-eel sauce.


Deep Fried Rolls

Fried Special Roll

inside-shrimps,crab,avo,roe,cream cheese,w/eel sauce


Fried Crab Roll

inside-sp. crab,cream cheese,cuc, top-eel sauce.


Happy Sunday

inside-salmon, cream cheese, top-eel sauce,hot sauce.


Crispy Roll

inside-shrimp,eel,cream cheese,roe,crab,avo,top-eel sauce.



From Kitchen

Miso Soup


House Salad w/ginger dressing


Edamame(steamed soybeans)


Seaweed Salad


Squid Salad


Baby Octopus Salad


Steamed Rice


Gyoza(8 pcs pan fried)


Vegetable Gyoza(8 pcs deep fried)


Shrimp Shumai(8pcs deep fried)


Fried Oysters(6pcs)


Fried Calamari


Shrimp Tempura

2 shrimps,5 vegetables


Vegetable Tempura (7pcs)


Soft Shell Crab



Pepsi Beverages


Hot Tea


Iced Tea


Ice Creams

Mango Mochi Ice Cream


Green Tea Ice Cream


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